30 Seconds Saver : 175 + vat
Special rate for local advertisers who can provide an almost complete script, voiced by one of our in house voiceovers with licensed music or effects

30 Seconds Supreme : 325 + vat
Creative script writing and Radio Centre clearance, voiced by a choice of male or female vocieover artists and includes licensed music and effects. (additional voices are around 50 - 75)

Ident Package : 300 + vat
5 impact idents with full version and dry version of each.
(Additional voices are approximately 50 - 75.
This is a simplified list and there are many options so please request a briefing sheet and we will quote and advise)

Mark Deadly Smedley Voiceover :
from 95 + vat

(Presenter on Kiss 100FM & Mi-Soul).

London street-credible Voiceover as used on TV and Radio Adverts for Outkast, Usher, Fatboy Slim, Alicia Keys, Lil John, Nirvana, Beyonce, R.Kelly, The Eagles, Sir Paul Mcartney & hundreds more.

Contact us for more information. Showreels are on the right for Production & Voice.